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need advice...

I've had this plot bunny for ages, actually, before I ever posted anything to mnff. Only problem is, it might be controversial... Because it's about Jesus.

I'm from the world's most secular nation, and here people wouldn't really care at all. But mnff is international and, basically, I have no idea if people would be offended by a story about Jesus (and possibly Judas) being a wizard intent on helping starving Muggles. The idea is that Judas keeps things more quiet, helping people without them knowing, while Jesus wants credit for it and explain his "miracles" by telling people he's the son of God. Judas is pressured by other Wizarding families who are pissed off with jesus and he is also afraid of what the Muggles might do if they realise the truth - that they're wizards - and eventually sells him out. Of course, Jesus being a wizard, he doesn't die on the cross, but escapes his tomb and, well, you know the story. There might also be slash involved. 

For a long time I've had head canon for many historical or mythical figures being part of the Wizarding world and this is just one of the ideas but it's the one that's most developed. Now, for me, the Bible is an interesting story book that I enjoy but of course I know it's so much more for other people and I don't want to offend anyone. I think choosing to believe in something is a very valid life choice- just as I've chosen to be an Atheist, like most people I know. Also, most people I know (religious or not) would just see this as my version of an incredibly well-known story - but again, I'm Swedish.

Do you think it's possible to write this story for mnff? I mean, would they even publish it?

Please help! :/