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music in norway vs science in sweden

Home again, whatever that is these days. I'm gonna move away from Arvika (the very very small town I've lived in for the past two years while studying classical music...) in just two months. Which is very weird and not at all okay.

I love my school. To bits. But somehow I've managed to get accepted to the Norwegian Academy of Music (which makes me feel like a total fraud because I can't even remember how I played during the audition) in freaking Oslo. That's another country!!! :O:O:O

No, okay, seriously, that's a good thing. A very good thing. But this place is where I've felt most at home. This school and this town kind of saved after a disastrous last year in secondary school (note to self: do not ever again fall in love with a close friend). I studied science, maths and languages extensively for three years, then my social life fell apart and I escaped to music college.... 

I'm still too scared to back to "real" studying.

University is what I had been preparing for my entire life up until two years ago.

I want to study. I do have the brain for it.

But I also cannot give music up just yet.