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Family Matters explanation

If anyone is wondering why I haven't finished Family Matters yet, it's because om many unfortunate things:

I had almost finished it. The rest of Regulus's chapters were practically written (in my notebook) as well as the last Barty chapter.

Then my laptop died.  Yes, it really died on me. Mother card burned out.

I managed to save almost everything over to my new laptop, but not the latest stuff. But that was okay too, because I have everything, every plot point planned, every draft, in my black notebook.

Then my beloved notebook disappeared a few weeks after I'd moved here. And I haven't had the energy to sit down and map everything out AGAIN, hoping the book would show up. It hasn't.

So. I'm going home this weekend (for my niece's baptism) and I hope I might find some stuff in my old room at home. Or on my parents' computer. Otherwise I'll have to just face the fact that my entire plan and several drafts for the last chapters are gone.

It shouldn't really put me off the way it does, because the number of times I've gone through the end of that story in my head I should know everything by heart really. I do. At least I think so.

But it just... it upsets me.

I will sit down, eventually, hopefully soon, and just get it done. It will be finished.

I'm sorry if anyone is still waiting/has given up on me but I hope this explains it.

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