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I've been so busy these last few weeks- it's been really crazy. But things are starting to calm down now, so I'm hoping I'll be more active on here and no MNFF too. I just need to fix the internet connection at home (God, our house in fraking Oslo is HOME now), then I'll be back.

I'm on a school computer now, my second main instrument lesson ended about half an hour ago. It was great, My new teacher is great. I was hoping I'd get the other viola teacher here but I didn't, and it's fine, because the one I have is a fantastic pedagogue. The other one is one of the most famous violists in the world, and my last teacher had him while she was studying here at the academy 20 years ago, so she really wanted me to have him. She and her husband (who were our conducter at my last school) has texted me asking which teacher I got - which feels a bit weird and I have yet to reply... I do have some technical flaws to fix and my teacher is great for that, so I'm happy.

The bureocracy of this country is incredible. In the absolutely worst sense of the word. It's baffling.

Otherwise... I get along. It's tiring to have to listen so attentively all the time (to understand the Norwegian) and I'm trying not to let the elitism here get to me. I'm here for me only. The others can play their games, I won't have any part in it. I mean... it's a crazy world. Most of us here are hoping to become orchestra musicians, a profession that requires cooperation. Music is about communication between people. That's what it is. But, sadly, the orchestras are shrinking and quite frankly, when we're done here therw won't be work for everyone. It's business, and it's so hard, but we are competing for the same jobs. Psychological warfare isn't uncommon.

So every day on the bus on my way to school, I prepare myself, mentally, for starting the day. They have nothing to do with me, I tell myself. I am above all of that. If I tell myself this, I might start to believe it.

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