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1. Which book has been on your shelves the longest?
Honestly, I have no idea. Every Christmas everyone in my family buy about 3 pocket books for each member of the family and then the books circulate and end up on *someone's* shelf and no one really knows who bought it originally or to whom. (I will never forget one Christmas when my Dad had bought the same book for my sister that she
gave him. He had already read it and loved it.)

2. What is your current read, your last read and the book you'll read next?
Umm.... Here comes the embarassment AGAIN of never reading anything new- I'm probably just going to re-read stuff this summer. As usual. BUT I was by the pocket book shop the other day and seriously considered buying The Hunger Games and American Gods. Probably American Gods. I did like the THG movie but was kind of underwhelmed by the execution... Are the books better? Last read was probably Bunny Munro by Nick Cave. It was good.

I have to admit that despite the fact that I fancy myself as being pretty good at English (that's a lie, honestly I consider myself to be very good but, hey, I make mistakes on here all the time) I sometimes find it exhausting to read "difficult" English. I mean I have no problem with HP or most books really but for example thick Fantasy books with tons of very specific words (like for example "chaplets" or army terms) can be... annoying to read. And even though you know that the specific words probably doesn't matter it can ruin the experience. Like, the first book I read in English was OotP and I didn't really get how Sirius died. because I wasn't sure what "veil" meant. Then I read it in Swedish and I realised that it didn't matter anyway and then I was annoyed because I thought I hadn't understood.

3. Which book does everyone like and you hated?
The Pearl by John Steinbeck. I read it during the first year of secondary school (for Swedish class) when I was 16 I felt stupid for not liking it, because he was a Nobel Prize winner and my teacher completely gushed over him. I thought the metaphor was annoyingly obvious and I didn't like the message ether. I honestly don't think money corrupts (it might, but not as a rule) because then all rich people would be evil and they're not. I don't know, I guess I just don't like it when a book tries to hit me over the head with a high anf mighty message, because most of all, I read to be entertained and get swept away. Not to be taught moral lessons - that is what life is for. Because of this experience I haven't read anything else by Steinbeck. Should I?
4. Which book do you keep telling yourself you'll read, but you probably won't?
Umm, Dostoyevsky? (Is that how you spell it English). No, will probably read his works at some point. Jane Austen! And which Brontë wrote Jane Eyre? There was a series based on it that I watched a few years ago and since then I've never bothered because I know how it ends. Umm... I'm bad. I've been meaning to read what's it called!!! Argh. I'm thinking Back to cold Mountain for some reason but I know it's not that :P By Emily Waugh/Vaugh? Anyone knows what I'm talking about? Anyway, I probably will save these for retirement so... The one's I'll probably never read are the endless amounts of Christmas pocket books that I mentioned before.

5. Which book are you saving for "retirement?"
Probably everything by Austen, the Brontë sisters, Dostoyevsky. And you know, all the overlong fantasy series. Anna Karenina. My first love read it for Swedish class when we were seventeen and called it "reality TV of the 19th century".
6. Last page: read it first or wait till the end?
Ha, not since I was... several years younger. 
7. Acknowledgments: waste of ink and paper or interesting aside?
I like them. Unless they're too self-indulgent (which mine would probably be, if I ever had anything published.)
8. Which book character would you switch places with?
No idea, honestly. I tend to like stories that put their characters through a lot of pain so none, I guess.
9. Do you have a book that reminds you of something specific in your life (a person, a place, a time)?
God, yes. All the HP books. I remember waiting for the next one to be released and arrive in the mail. I remember each and every one of them... My dad read me PS when I was 8 and DH was released a few days before I turned 16 so I really did grow up with Harry.
Seriously, if I answered this question properly I'd never finish.

11. Have you ever given away a book for a special reason to a special person?
I wanted to give Kallocain to my Dad for Christmas. I couldn't find it, so I gave him a dystopian book by Maragret Atwood that I had just read for English class, instead. Can't remember what it's called.

I'm planning to give The Neverending Story to my boyfriend when he turns 25 in August. He's mentioned that he loved the movie as a child but has never read the book. I've never watched the movie but the book was one of my absolute favourite stories for years.. It probably still is, I just haven't read it in a while.
12. Which book has been with you to the most places?
HP, really.

13. Any "required reading" you hated in high school that wasn’t so bad ten years later?
Haha, no! Possibly Lord of the Flies which I, at 14, thought was too obvious with the symbolism. I found it much better when we read it for English class in secondary school (I was 18, then.)

14. What is the strangest item you’ve ever found in a book?
Bread crumbs in my Swedish copy of PoA. I couldn't stop reading it, so I brought the book to the table, reading while eating. I was 9.

'15. Used or brand new?
Brand new. Like Soraya, I love making them old myself.
16. Stephen King: Literary genius or opiate of the masses?
Haha! Probably somewhere in-between. I find his style charming (don't know what else to call it, really) but he's no genius.

17. Have you ever seen a movie you liked better than the book?
Lord of the Rings. My dad read me Bilbo, which I loved, so I was really looking forward reading the trilogy. Barely made it through. The movies work better, I think, because of the different structure. There's just so much of Frodo and Sam walking around I can take at a time, and unlike the books the movie's structure gave us that. Breaks.
18. Conversely, which book should NEVER have been introduced to celluloid?
HP! Okay, okay, I don't hate the movies, but they're not the real thing to me. And I loved Harry's whining! It made him so much more real to me. Which 15-year-old with his, at times rather shitty, life wouldn't be angsty?

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