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symphony orchestra week

It's Symphony Orchestra Week this week- my favourite time of the term.

We're doing Brahms 1st symphony (which is so damn complex and hard to get right, rhythmically) and are rehearsing 6.5 hours a day. Which I just love, but it's exhausting, both physically and mentally. I get so high off playing, and then I crash about an hour later.  

But it's honestly the most fun I ever have.

When we're playing music that complex, it's like taming a dragon, and at the end of the week it's perhaps not perfect but if we have managed to tighten it up somewhat, and, you know, make ***real music*** instead of just playing the notes- it's like... I don't know. It's like the truest form of communication. You can catch someone's eye in the middle of phrase and move together so that you know that "okay, we're doing it THIS way", and you show it with your body, how to phrase it, and you just GET each other, even if you're barely friends outside rehearsal.

It's sad how long it's between the Symphony weeks because they always remind me of why I'm doing this- why it's worth it. I mean this is what it's about- playing music together.

And my parents might come a watch the concert which makes me so happy. My mother has visited once and seen one concert, but I really want my dad to come. He's the one who plays and "gets" classical music and I want to dissect the whole thing with him.
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